Stable Doors

Stable doors are not only secure but allow in lots of natural light and give your house a unique look and feel. Stable doors operate in two ways allowing you to use them as a natural door where they open as one, or you can have the bottom half locked with the top open meaning ample amounts of fresh air and light can enter your home. Stable Doors are ideal if you have small children and pets who you need to keep indoors whilst enjoying all the benefits of essentially having your door open!

Eden Glaze Stable doors are perfect for country living and provide you with traditional beauty to complement your home and are very easy to maintain. These doors come in a range of contemporary and classic designs and are available in a range elegant colours to suit your home.

Eden Glaze stable doors allow you to catch the country look with a modern and contemporary design ideal for modern day living. These doors allow you to enjoy the garden and fresh air without having the entire door open.

All our doors come with a 15-year guarantee. Our doors give you unapparelled security as they come with Ultion high security locks which provide guaranteed protection and the best anti snap technology on the market. Eden Glaze stable doors allow you to keep the upper section open and bottom section securely locked providing your children with maximum security for children and pets.

Don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed by the array of advanced window products currently on the market. Just do your due diligence and properly research which types of windows are likely to be the best fit for your home.
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