Solid Roof Conservatory

A solid conservatory roof allows you to enjoy your conservatory all year round. Traditional conservatory roof owners often complain of their conservatories being unusable during sunny days or during the cold winter months.

The solution for you is to replace polycarbonate or glass conservatory roofing with a solid tiled conservatory roof. A solid tiled roof allows you to transform your conservatory into a comfortable, all year-round living area.

An Eden Glaze UK Solid Tiled Roof will allow you to enjoy more light, space and panoramic views that are specially designed to make your conservatory usable all year round. Whatever the shape and size of the roof on your current conservatory, Eden Glaze can replace your existing conservatory roof with a custom made solid tiled roof that is guaranteed to make your conservatory more energy efficient creating a wonderful space that your family can enjoy.

Some of the major benefits of having a solid tiled roof are:

  • All year-round insulation – The idea of having a conservatory is that is can be used all year round come rain or shine. With traditional tiled roofs they can overheat in the summer making them unbearable to stay in and in the winter, they can become extremely cold due to the lack of insulation. With our bespoke tailored solid tile roof system such problems are eliminated as they offer all year-round insulation and are cool in the summer days and warm in the winter months unlike traditional roofs.
  • A solid room like feel – Our bespoke tailored solid tile roof system offers a room-like feel and will transform the ambiance of your conservatory overnight without the need to build a full brick extension. Once you have a solid roof the conservatory will feel more comfortable and allow you to use it on a daily basis, with extra space, light and panoramic views.
  • Solid extension type look and feel – With our bespoke tailored solid tile roof system the roof will look and feel like a full slate roof. Our conservatory roofing systems are designed to resemble the real thing.
  • Simple no hassle insulation – Our roofing systems are made to measure this means the insulation process is quick and simple causing minimum disruption to your home and family.
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